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Gleba & Associates is an independent firm that treats you like family. Our Investment Advisor Representatives provide Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services. Our team offers a personal approach to financial planning by finding out what you want and developing a strategy to make it happen. We help families become retirement ready, and small businesses with their retirement plans. What does your future look like? Let us help you make it a reality.

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Family Monthly Newsletter

February 2019

Pension Payouts

Perhaps the most important financial decision a person can make with their employer is their pension. There are four types of corporate pension collection, and picking the right one could be critical to the quality of your retirement. Pensions are a major source of income for many retirees, and choosing the wrong payout option could be very damaging.

Business Quarterly Newsletter

December 2018

Can midterm elections move markets

With less than two months before Election Day, midterm elections are top of mind for politicians and voters alike. And while control of Congress and influence over future policies may be at stake, do midterm elections have any effect on equity markets?

Real Estate Quarterly Newsletter

January 2019

Should We Worry About the U.S. Housing Slowdown?

Housing starts are declining and existing home sales have been slowing. Surveys suggest consumer confidence in the housing sector has weakened.