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Gleba & Associates is an independent firm that treats you like family. Our Investment Advisor Representatives provide Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services. Our team offers a personal approach to financial planning by finding out what you want and developing a strategy to make it happen. We help families become retirement ready, and small businesses with their retirement plans. What does your future look like? Let us help you make it a reality.

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April 2018

10 Things That Can Lead to an Audit

Tomorrow is the deadline for filing your 2017 tax returns. While there is no guarantee that anybody won’t be audited, here are the 10 things that are most likely to cause your tax return to be flagged by the IRS.

Business Quarterly Newsletter

January 2018

Is it Time to Make a Change in Your Company’s Strategy?

Let’s try an experiment: go up to 5-10 people in your company and ask them, “How are you?” You’ll find that most of your responses are “Busy!” Very few people will respond with “I’m doing well, how are you?” That is because the norm in most companies is that you are supposed to be very busy (or at least acting busy), otherwise you don’t appear to be all that important or valuable. Saying you aren’t up to much, or that you have time on your hands, are likely not going to do much for your internal status and career.