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Gleba & Associates is an independent firm that treats you like family. Our Investment Advisor Representatives provide Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services. Our team offers a personal approach to financial planning by finding out what you want and developing a strategy to make it happen. We help families become retirement ready, and small businesses with their retirement plans. What does your future look like? Let us help you make it a reality.

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Family Monthly Newsletter

March 2019

How to Raise Financially Savvy Children

Much like learning a new language or playing an instrument, financial skills are easier to learn and develop while you’re young. Adult life seems like nothing but a series of financial decisions, and the sooner you can teach your children how to make sound decisions, the more prepared for success they will be when they are all grown up.

Business Quarterly Newsletter

February 2019

Peer Pressure Doesn’t End at Graduation

Two recent client stories opened my eyes to something I thought we left behind in high school — peer pressure. Their experiences floored me, and I realized we have to help clients combat much more than just their internal money scripts to achieve financial peace. How do we help them not succumb to the sometimes crippling judgment of others?

Real Estate Quarterly Newsletter

March 2019

Winning the Bidding War in Today’s Housing Market. 

by Mike Cohen

In today’s housing market, an appropriately priced home in good condition will likely generate purchase offers from several potential buyers. How can you stand out from the crowd?