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We are a small boutique firm, where everyone is part of a family.


Personalized Service:

  • We don’t believe in one size fits all planning.
  • To do planning for a client, first we need to know where the client wants to go.
  • If we ask the client where he, she, or they, want to go, they may tell us something sketchy, filtered through the limitations in their mind, about what they think can be accomplished based upon what assets they have, and what they are aware can be done.
  • We try to create a safe place in the initial meeting where the client will shut down the internal voice in their mind that says things like “I am not rich enough to do that,” or “ I am not smart enough to do that”. We want to get the client to dream with us and share with us what they would do for themselves, their spouse, children, other loved ones their community, other charities, etc., if they could do anything with no limitations.
  • Once we get that information, and only after we get that information, can we use our skills as advisors, working with other advisors, to take all of the available strategies and combine them in a way that can help make their heartfelt dreams.
  • For us, it is the melding of these items that allow the creation of an enlightened vision for our clients.

Our Expertise:

Largely through word of mouth we have grown our client base over time. Through the years, with experience we have specialized about individual retirement planning and small business retirement planning.

For more than 28 years, Gleba and Associates has helped individuals and small business owners achieve their personal financial and business goals with our expert retirement planning services. We provide you with independent, practical advice for tax-qualified retirement plans customised to meet your specific business specific needs.

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