Investment Management & Retirement Planning

Cash Management:

First we will understand your cash flow, create an emergency fund, prioritize your goals, and help you improve your overall situation.

Risk Management:

Before we make any investment decision, we will identify your risk and how much time you have to reach your goal.  We will then create investment portfolios with the right managers to match these parameters.

We have extensive insurance experience to help you with your disability, life, and long term care insurance.  We have an array of professionals to help you with your health, auto, home, and other insurance needs.

Tax Planning:

Our tax planning refers to your investments and how they are taxed.

We will compare a normal taxable investment and an investment where taxes are deferred until distributions are made. We will implement tax efficient strategies working with your accountant/CPA to help you reduce taxes on current investment income, minimize your future estate taxes and help you to save more efficiently.

Debt Management:

We will assist you in reducing your debt and help you evaluate your available options.

Retirement Planning:

We will create a retirement plan based on:

  1. Your target income goal
  2. Your monthly and annual expenses
  3. Considering your current and future income sources
  4. Current and future market conditions
  5. Your personal retirement goal for pursuing hobbies, interests, and travel

Based on the above, we will create a retirement plan that is comfortable for you.

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