Retirement Tips


  • Look at your bank statement and establish what you spend every month. This will define what amount of money you need to live on.
  • After you know the amount you need to live on every month, look at your assets to see if they will create this amount. (These assets are not bank accounts or emergency money). For example, if you have $100,000 in your company savings, that would create $500/m in taxable income for you, using a 6% return on your assets.
  • Add any income stream from other sources such as your social security and/or pension.
  • They key to a comfortable retirement is knowing what amount of money you need, and figuring out if you have enough to be comfortable.
  • Many “retirees” leave their current job, and choose to work part time elsewhere until their social security kick in.
  • Beware that health insurance is quite expensive, and sometimes it is best to stay at a workplace to keep your benefits. there may be requirements (such as years of service) to keep your health insurance during retirement after you have left the a company.
  • Establish an emergency fund that is 6-12 months of what you spend every month. this will make your life easier when you retire and adjust to a new budget and lifestyle.
  • If you plan on moving, rent a place for a few months before you retire. This will give you a great idea as to the cost of living, and other important lifestyle changes that may be different (especially if you are out of state).
  • If you choose to retire early, (before 59 ½), We can help you receiving income, while minimizing your income taxes and avoiding tax penalties.



Examples are hypothetical and used for illustrative purposes only. They should not be construed as individualized investment advice. Investment rates of return cannot be guaranteed.

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